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Winter Wellness Kit


Kit includes: 5 soothing formulas

  • Herb Rich Cleanser - 1oz
  • Comforts|Herb Rich Mist - 1oz
  • Herb Rich Cream - 1/4 oz
  • Herb Rich Balm - Tube
  • Cooking with Tea Packet


Self Care Application

  1. Cleanse - Keep inflammation down by clearing the way for nature's solution to winter skin health.  Cleanse 2x a day with Herb Rich Cleanser.
  2. Mist - During difficult months of winter we need to see things clearly, so focus on being compassionate and forgiving toward yourself. Comforts|Herb Rich Mist lifts your mood, and brings a stronger sense of vitality to each day.
  3. Moisturize - Let your skin get cozy this winter with Herb Rich Cream when skin needs more nourishment, hydration, & renewal.
  4. Balm - The secret to keeping your skin healthy in the winter is to build and maintain it's resilience and protection. That means lots of layering with Herb Rich Balm!
  5. Herb Rich Tea - Winter-ize your wellness with healthy foods that make you smile and are creative to prepare. De La Terre Skincare cooking with Tea recipe packet offers many dimensions in health & wellness.

Winter Wellness Kit

Enjoy 5 deluxe Wellness products guaranteed to keep you healthy during the difficult months of winter.


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