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Talks & Workshops | The Skin Health Connection

De La Terre Skincare invites the public to participate in The Skin Health Connection, Interactive Talks and Workshops that inform and inspire individuals to achieve healthy skin through health & wellness, while learning a gentle way to take care of yourself. 

Programs are conducted at the De La Terre Skincare training center located in Asheville, NC. The company founder, Anne C. Willis, is the presenter for each program, bringing over 40 years of experience, knowledge, and passion.

  • Video and live presentation – Inspirational Discussion – Demonstration
  • Specialized De La Terre Skincare Product Kit
  • Light fare and DLTS Health & Wellness Tea 

For more details email: or call:828-252-8400
Program Location; 47 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806

Healing with Health & Wellness Teas

In this 90-minute interactive workshop learn about the popular global allure emerging around herbal tea and the unique ways they can reduce symptoms related to many health concerns. We invite you to learn proper techniques for steeping, storing, drinking, and even topically applying herbal teas for skin health and recovery. Tea packets included!
Program Fee: $ 25

The Art of Self Care

Inducing stress to the body when it is already struggling to heal and repair opposes nature. In this 90-minute interactive workshop learn how the art of self-care practices harmonizes and enhances overall health. We invite you to learn advanced techniques for applying topical skin hydrotherapy, infused serums, and wellness enriched masque. Skincare products included!
Program Fee: $ 25

Oncology Skin Recovery & Support

Healthy skin is at the cornerstone of supporting one's overall wellbeing. During medical oncology treatments, skin becomes fragile, dry, and vulnerable.

In this 90-minute interactive workshop learn how to achieve a holistic approach to skin health that soothes the impact that chemo and radiation has on the skin and body.
We invite you to learn how to address your skin concerns, which include dryness, itching, radiation burns, sensitized skin, folliculitis, and more.
De La Terre Skincare product samples included!
Program Fee: $25

Seasonal Immunity’s Influence on Wellness

The Transition Zone of Menopause

When caring for the skin during the transition zone of menopause it is essential to understand symptoms, causes, and the best course of therapy for the skin. A holistic approach includes not only looking at the effects menopause has on the skin, but at lifestyle, emotions, as well as other organ systems influences on hormones. In essence ……the whole person.
Learn 5 easy steps for Natural Menopause Relief and Skin Support!
Program Fee: $25

The Holistic Approach to Auto-Immune Skin Conditions

In autoimmune conditions, the body undergoes an inappropriate immune response that causes excessive inflammation with destructive effects on cells and tissues. Currently, about 23.5 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases and that includes autoimmune skin diseases, and that number is rising. These include; eczema, rosacea, scleroderma, and psoriasis.

Understanding the impact that this disease has on the skin is essential. Proper care for the skin can mean the difference in skin comfort, recovery and one's overall health & wellbeing.

During this interactive workshop participants will learn to identify autoimmune skin condition and what medically approved approach will support the skin during recovery.
Program Fee: $ 25

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