Herb Rich Serum - Rescues Wounded Skin

Herb Rich Serum - Rescues Wounded Skin - IngredientsRescues Wounded Skin - Skin can become wounded due to blemishes, exposure to sun, medical procedures, oxidation, synthetic based skin care products and the normal aging process. These aggressors deteriorate collagen, disturb pigmentation and rob skin of vital nutrition. This exceptional fusion of seed oils and essential nutrients allows skin to recover and return to a healthy enhanced function and appearance. Also recommended for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation to relieve adverse skin reactions.


  • Retextures solar scars/wrinkles
  • Mature individuals, over the age of 40, who are seeking anti-aging properties
  • Helps strengthen resistance to cellular stress and damage
  • Smoothes scars caused by blemishes
  • Improves uneven skin tone and texture caused by age and environmental exposure
  • Reduces skin changes due to actinic keritosis and prompts cells to defend naturally from oxidative stress which can lead to skin cancers
  • Accelerates re-epithelization of skin
  • Products are acceptable for oncology patients
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