Herb Rich Mists

Experience the therapeutic benefits of these energetic herbal mists. A medicinal blend of botanicals balance skin moisture, enhance dermal absorption, restore surface ecology, while positively enhancing overall well-being. Shower your senses with the purest nature have to offer.

Herb Rich Mist may also be used for inhalation therapy to reduce symptoms related to nasal mucosal disturbances.

Herb Rich Mist comes in "Four Health & Wellness Formulas":

Herb Rich Mist - Comforts Inflamed Skin - IngredientsComforts Inflamed Skin has a calming effect on inflamed emotions, mental stress and fatigue. This lovely flower water is also beneficial for cold sores and general skin irritations. It is anti-viral and offers anti-inflammatory benefits. The cooling properties make it a good choice for rashes, skin irritations, sunburn, rosacea and over processed skin.


  • Calms mental stress and inflamed emotions
  • Boost skin’s immune system and assists in the reduction of inflammation
  • Supports blood vessels
  • Anti–bacterial properties
  • Reduces swelling and tenderness
  • Regenerates skin tissue
  • Reduces UVB induced inflammation
  • Products are acceptable for oncology patients undergoing chemotherapy
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Herb Rich Mist - Rescues Wounded Skin - IngredientsRescues Wounded Skin - Skin can become wounded due to blemishes, exposure to sun, medical procedures, oxidation and chemical based skin care products. These aggressors deteriorate collagen, disturb pigmentation and rob skin of vital nutrition. This exceptional herbal elixir allows skin to recover and return to a healthy enhanced appearance.


  • Reduces wrinkles by regenerating skin cells and promoting collagen through fibroblast
  • Has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory property defusing redness dramatically
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning cuts and wounds
  • Reduces bruising and swelling
  • Enhances wound healing
  • Products are acceptable for oncology patients undergoing radiation therapy
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Herb Rich Mist - Purifies Blemished Skin - IngredientsPurified Skin provides a refreshing solution to skin that is in a healing phase. Blemished skin is hot, sore, and can be painful. This pure essence mist helps prevent blemishes, and at the same time heals existing breakouts. It also helps prevent ingrown hairs - a good addition to pre and post shave formulation, allowing men to get a closer shave.


  • Helps to disinfect and assist in healing blemishes
  • Expectorant qualities expelling impurities from skin
  • Defuses heat and inflammation
  • Increases fresh blood to skin tissue
  • Cooling and comforting
  • Boost skin's immune system
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Herb Rich Mist - Supports Healthy Skin - IngredientsSupports Healthy Skin - This invigorating panacea stimulates circulation of blood and lymph, while supporting the skin with nutritional support. Healthy skin needs ingredients it can identify with. Supports Healthy provides pure earthly delights. Great for all skin types!


  • High in minerals and vitamins
  • A rich resource of anti-oxidants
  • Stimulates lymph and circulation
  • Expels waste and provides anti-microbial benefits
  • Supports stress related skin
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