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Herb Rich Eye Compress


With so many people glued to a computer screen or cell phones, eyes become tired and fatigued.

These compact eye compresses relieve strained, sore eyes.

Get creative and have fun with this innovative approach to eye care and so much more!


  • Alleviates eye strain, reduces puffiness, and revitalizes tired eyes
  • Apply topically to pimples, reduces tenderness and redness
  • Apply to tender areas of the face during a rosacea flare-up, reduces redness
  • Eye area will appear softer less tense
  • The eyes will feel refreshed and your view of the world will be brighter


Chamomile-Matricaria recutita, Elder Flower-Sambucus nigra flos, Heather-Calluna vulgaris, Lavender-Lavandula angustifolia, Rosehips-Rosa canina, Roses-Rosa centifolia

Self Care Application

  • Place 2 Herb Rich Eye Compresses in a small bowl
  • Pour heated water over compresses and let steep 5 minutes
  • Let compresses cool, squeeze out excess tea, and then place on eyes for 10 minutes

Herb Rich Eye Compress


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