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Rescues Wounded Skin

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Rescues/ Herb Rich Tea is blended with pure organic herbs to naturally restore, renew, and repair the body as it recovers during stress-filled experiences. As a beverage this unique blend offers an enjoyable green, amber, earthy flavor. Caffeine – Free

Recommended as a seasonal supportive beverage during the late summer months of August - September when the when the skin and body is in a pause mode of quiet restoration.


The sheer purity of Rescues Herb Rich Serum reaches the deeper layers of skin where it struggles to renew and repair due to fatigue and weakness.  A few drops of this liquid nourishment and your skin will feel active, strengthened and conditioned.


Distressed skin appears to struggle to renew and repair.  Rescues - Herb Rich Mist baths your skin in Helichrysum italicum, which is known for the treatment of skin  healing. Calendula officinalis has both an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which helps to protect your precious collagen and elastin supply. Boswellia carteri has the capability of reshaping the dermal tissue of the skin leaving it firmer and well protected from photo aging. The restorative properties in this strengthening skin elixir will alert your senses to wake up to nature's healing capabilities.


Exfoliation isn't about taking something away, but rather clearing what is no longer useful.  This is achieved with Rescues Herb Rich Clay.

This ultimate Skin Booster not only digests dead skin cells, but significantly renews, restores, and repairs skin affected by the environment, health challenges, or age.

Skin pigment will appear brighter while skin tone will experience a steady vibrancy.


The effects of Mineral Rich Salts on the skin are profound.

The soothing waters made from this highly therapeutic combination of salts hydrate, detoxify and soften skin texture.

Massage Wand Sets

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Zebradorite is a balancing mineral compound. Perfect for promoting skin function to return to homeostasis. Zebradorite also provides a regulatory effect to the bodies nervous system. Grounding, calming, and supportive!


Blue Calcite

Used for oxygenation of the skin. Reduces bruising and revitalizes starved skin.

Calming to emotions reduces stress and provides a more empowered positive outlook.

Mineral Gemstones – Loose Rough Specimens for Water Infusions


Kyanite is used in skin treatments to repair tissue after trauma. It also helps to shift one's perception and outlook.


Amethyst is used in skin treatment to assimilate oxygen to cells and release toxic gases. Amethyst stimulates the immune system and calms nerves.

It assists with emotional patterns that create imbalances. Place under your pillow at night for a peaceful night's sleep.


Orange Calcite is used as a skin treatment to balance energetic meridians within the skin, thus bringing balance to all skin functions. Orange Calcite is great to use when applying acupressure.

Orange Calcite is wonderful for creativity, playfulness, confidence and innovation.


Aqua marine is a cooling stone and is used as an effective anti-inflammatory for heated or inflamed skins. Aqua marine aids in healing eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Can also help with herpes breakouts and allergy symptoms. This stone is known to calm anger, release perpetuating negative thoughts and is useful for moving through grief.


Sodalite is used for hydrating skin cells and water retention or swelling.

Sodalite cultivates detachment from concerns and worries of everyday life. It reduces stress and anxiety by allowing one’s perception to be viewed from a higher place.

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