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New Active Support | Skin Lotion - 14 varieties of mushrooms
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Immune Booster Kit


These 4 botanical allies will offer protection and help promote
a stable immune system, so your skin can stay healthy during any season.


  • Sun Difffuser:  This lightweight serum penetrates to the deepest corridor of your skin,bathing it with plant actives like broccoli and reishi mushroom, thus protecting collagenand newly formed cells from UV damage. 
  • Active Support | Skin Lotion:  With a high ratio of mushroom and plant - based Vitamin C,this highly active skin lotion promotes the anti-aging enzyme telomerase, protecting thecell’s DNA repair function. 14 varieties of mushrooms enhance the skin's natural biome,which is necessary to stabilize skin's immune response. 
  • Herb Rich Cream:  When skin needs more! The incredible benefits of Moringa oiland calendula plant actives high ratio of Vitamin C and Omega-9 fatty acids leavesskin deeply conditioned and protected through every season. 
  • Herb Rich Balm:  Skin becomes vulnerable during seasonal change because this iswhen the immune function if working its hardest. Plant actives like marshmallow andcomfrey's viscous fiber relieves dry, patchy, irritated skin, while leaving skin protected.


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Self Care Application

Let your skin communicate what kind of support it needs.

  • Sun Diffuser: Apply directly after Herb Rich Mist
  • Active Support Skin Lotion: Apply after Sun Diffuser or directly after Herb Rich Mist
  • Herb Rich Cream: Apply alone or over Active Support Skin Lotion 
  • Herb Rich Balm - Apply around the delicate eye and lip area. May also be applied over the entire face for extremely vulnerable skin 

Immune Booster Kit

1/2 oz - Sun Diffuser
1 oz - Active Support | Skin Lotion
1/4 oz - Herb Rich Cream
1/4 oz - Herb Rich Balm 


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