Mineral Gemstones

De La Terre Skincare™ has selected the following stones for their specific therapeutic benefits. Each stone consists of essential mineral compounds which bring relief, protection and support to the most tested organ of the body – The Skin! Rough Gemstone specimens are used to make mineral gemstone elixirs. This rich mineral water can be used as cleansing water or to hydrate Herb Rich Clay.


To make Gemstone Elixirs or Essences

  • Place the cleansed gemstone in a bowl or glass jar of distilled water
  • Stand the bowl in the sunlight for min. of 12 hours
  • Remove the crystal and bottle the water in a glass bottle with an airtight lid
  • Elixir can be stored for up to one week
  • Store in a cool, dark place
  • Add to bath water or facial water or hydrate Herb Rich Clay

Mineral Gemstones – Loose Rough Specimens for Water Infusions

Kyanite is used in skin treatments to repair tissue after trauma. It also helps to shift one's perception and outlook.


Amethyst is used in skin treatment to assimilate oxygen to cells and release toxic gases. Amethyst stimulates the immune system and calms nerves.

It assists with emotional patterns that create imbalances. Place under your pillow at night for a peaceful night's sleep.


Orange Calcite is used as a skin treatment to balance energetic meridians within the skin, thus bringing balance to all skin functions. Orange Calcite is great to use when applying acupressure.

Orange Calcite is wonderful for creativity, playfulness, confidence and innovation.


Aqua marine is a cooling stone and is used as an effective anti-inflammatory for heated or inflamed skins. Aqua marine aids in healing eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Can also help with herpes breakouts and allergy symptoms. This stone is known to calm anger, release perpetuating negative thoughts and is useful for moving through grief.


Sodalite is used for hydrating skin cells and water retention or swelling.

Sodalite cultivates detachment from concerns and worries of everyday life. It reduces stress and anxiety by allowing one’s perception to be viewed from a higher place.


Mixed Loose Stones