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Gemstone Skincare Tools

Gemstone Skincare Tools

Just like our skin, the earth secretes solutions that mix with key earth elements like salts, shell, and clay. This mixture then becomes solidified by the energy of the sun, thus forming gemstones.  

Within the De La Terre Skincare collection we offer these magnificent facial gemstone tools to enhance your skin care experience. Gemstone massage wands can be used during cleansing to ensure proper activation, or after applying Herb Rich Serum to assist with deep penetration. 

Skin care clients, who want to incorporate a facial tool that holds all the health benefits from the earth, these magnificent gems will delight you!


Gemstone Self Care Application

  1. After cleansing, mist skin with Herb Rich Mist
  2. Choose a formula appropriate for your skin
  3. Apply a few drops of Herb Rich Serum to face and décolleté
  4. Glide stones gently over the face, neck, and décolleté

Gemstone Benefits

The application of gliding the gemstone massage wands over your skin will enhance
penetration of skin care products, reduce skin swelling, and the body will 
experience a deep state of relaxation





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