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Customer Testimonials

Catherine Laurenti

I LOVE the new Active Support Skin Lotion!! I’ve been using it daily and I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin that has been especially irritated lately

Barbara Sloane

"I found I had an itchy rash on my neck. I applied Actve Support Skin Lotion and by the next day it was better, by second day, hardly a trace of it. IT WORKS, Beautifully!"

Carolyn Doe

I had been experiencing a reaction to some very hot spices that caused my eczema to trigger on my faceso I thought that I would try the NEW Active Support Skin Lotion.I could not believe the results, immediate relief! My skin felt so soft, the itching was gone, the flakinesswas gone.  Love this product! 

Nicole Pollak

I already love this new product. I put the Active Support Skin Lotion on this morning and I can already see a reduction in the redness from my Rosacea. Unbelievable!

Stacey Strella

About 2 weeks ago, I experienced a bought of unusual breakouts.  The pimples were under the skin and I did everything wrong to try and rid my face of them.  I poked, I proded & I picked.   Needless to say, I made an even bigger mess of my face.....that was until I thought of trying a little Herb Rich Balm on each blemish before bed.  Within a week, there is NO trace or any residual scarring! Incredible....  The healing power that exists inside this small glass jar is extraordinary.  I will never be without it!  I am so grateful to you, Anne, for your vast knowledge and your ability to develop such wonderful all-natural products.  This is the only skincare line I will ever use.... 

Stacey Dunat

Approximately 5 months back I reached out to you for guidance regardingmy 8yr old daughters chronic nosebleeds. You had strongly discouraged mefrom using Vaseline and since then we have been using the Herb Rich Balm,on a Q-tip every morning & evening lightly lining the inside of each nostril. I wanted to take a moment to update you and let you know that since startingthis regimen my daughter has not had another nosebleed. Not 1!De La Terre Skincare has healed her from what had become an inevitable &anxious daily occurrence.  My daughter underwent numerous painful cauterizing procedures which only masked the problem and ultimately resultedin more nosebleeds.  It wasn't until we started using the Herb Rich Balmthat we found resolve and with resolve, we found peace!This is the only skincare line I will ever use.... 

Social Diana

I found these products in a very high end hotel/spa in Raleigh. The words “organic” caught my attention. Since using them, I have nearly stopped using anything else. At all. Now my friend is also using their intensive balm (not called that), because for dry skin it is incredible (for me that is winter-time). All the soaps and oils smell so much of plants and of nature that I have forgone anything perfume-like for my face. My skin has never looked better. So glad I found these! I rave about them.

Nic P

I began using De La Terre Skincare products about 2 years ago when I learned about this product line at a fancy spa in North Carolina. My skin is sensitive and I have Rosacea so I was nervous about trying something new but my current skincare regiment consisted of a prescription sulfur wash and some expensive moisturizers that still left my skin struggling to calm down.
Ms. Anne C. Willis took the time to speak with me and offered me a gradual way to try this amazing product line. I first tried the balm and saw a calming effect. I next tried the face wash and finally added the moisturizer. Between these 3 products I feel pretty again! My friends rave that my skin looks youthful and healthy and I immediately turn them on to their new fav product line. I can’t say enough about the effectiveness of this product line and the fact that the ingredients are organic and healthy. Thank you De La Terre and thank you Ms. Anne C. Willis for starting this remarkable company.

Maurene McQuestion RN, BScN, MSc, CON(C) Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I met Anne Willis in 2011 as joint faculty at a Skin Issues in Oncology Nursing conference. I have personally been using De La Terre Skincare products since that time. They are amazing and I particularly love the Herb Rich Tea, Herb Rich Serum and the Sun Diffuser. My rosacea disappeared and my skin is no longer irritated and sensitive. My skin is moisturized, hydrated and there is a smoother younger look and feel to my skin. The skin on my chest is also smoother and wrinkles have disappeared. I feel so much better using pure nutritional grade ingredients. I highly recommend De La Terre Skincare products for everyone.

R.M - Cary, NC

"Tell Anne, that I suffer from pain from TMJ and I was having pain yesterday during the class and after receiving the lymph manipulations with the wands, I woke up this morning without the jaw pain and normally I have it every morning."

Rhea Simpson

My name is Rhea Simpson and the last time I was home, I was able to try the Herb Rich Tea and the Herb Rich Clay for Inflamed Skin on my face, as I have significant issues with Inflamed Acne. Recently, after the last class you held, my mom was able to order and send me some of the cleanser from the same line as well.

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your products! They really are calming my skin down. Although a few bumps still remain and pop up, the products are soothing the overall redness and the inflammation...and all without drugs! I'm so happy to have found something that isn't drying out my skin and that I don't have to worry about the drugs that are going into my system (or bleaching my clothes/sheets).

Please continue to supply these products!

Anne S. - Morrisville, NC

I have been using the products and really like them. I even made 12 gallon of tea and poured it into my tub. Anything to make me feel better is a win for me. I can definitely notice an improved appearance on my skin when I use everything. Thanks for the opportunity to learn about them, and for your commitment to helping those of us whose skin is a real problem.

Birgit P. - Cary, NC

Thank you for the wonderful introduction to De La Terre Skincare today. When I reached my car, I was surprised how much time had gone by! Thank you and your participants for giving us volunteers such well-informed care. I felt healing, openness and comfort with everyone who worked with me. May the rest of your training time together go well!

I find the subtle herbs to have a powerful effect – hydrating, uplifting and soothing at once. The gentle pressing into the skin is a good way to deliver the nourishment to the system, and it’s pleasant. I particularly feel a reduction in the facial swelling, still this evening (also in the lymphedemic arm, and somewhat in the numb toes). Thanks also for your generosity in providing the products for self-care! I understand how to use them and look forward to continuing them.

Lisa Hughes - Roan Mountain, Tennessee

"I love the Sun Diffuser! I am fair skinned and was a little worried it might not work well for me. I applied as directed and never burned although on the beach for a few hours. I highly recommend this to my clients, especially the ones that have been sensitive to OTC sunblocks."

Deborah Shaw - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

"I love the Sun Diffuser product I received. An unintended benefit was my skin tone evened out substantially within the first two weeks of introducing it to my regime. Thank you, thank you!"

Angela Wilson - P-U-R-E Wellness - Kernersville, NC

I love the products...and am simply amazed at the quality and power of your line! It feels so good to be able to offer something to my clients that is so vibrationally alive- skin care and plant spirit medicine at it's best! Many thanks!

Lora H

"The treatment I received from De La Terre Skincare was truly amazing, effective, yet safe. I wanted to tell you that I feel great today! Probably the best I have felt in a long while. My legs even look better today! Thanks so much for the wonderful knowledge. I am spreading the word about your beautiful products!"

Tracey Johnston-Crum - Director, Asheville Bravo Concerts - Asheville, NC

"Anne - Oh how fantastic. You are a genius! Simply, plainly, without question, you are a skin genius! I saw an immediate response to the product. Immediate! I had noticed a lack of glow or luster in my skin for a while and chalked it up to aging. Wrong! I just needed De La Terre. In general, my skin is healthier and has a more vital overall appearance.

Color me impressed and sold. You have created something that is not only beneficial for your skin, but also delivers immediate results. I can only look forward to what long-term benefits and results it will bring. Thank you so much for introducing me to your fantastic product. I am officially yours!"

Amanda Studt - Boone, NC

"You and your products have been a sheer blessing. Having advanced Rosacea and it becoming clear and calm after using De La Terre Skincare for less that two weeks is AMAZING! The Comforts Inflamed Skin formula and Stones have improved my skin immensely. It is like nothing I have ever experienced and I look forward to contacting the National Rosacea Society to share my experience with your products. I cannot express in words my immense sincerity. Blessings and many thanks!"

Marguerite Fussell - The Umstead Hotel and Spa - Cary, NC

"I had a lovely woman who is in her mid-30's as a guest about two months ago. She did not have acne and said her Dermatologist told her she did not have rosacea. However, her skin had a lot of inflammation. Of course, I used De La Terre Comforts Inflamed Skin in her facial, and she purchased products for her home care. She returned last month for another facial. During that visit she told me she had spent years and thousands of dollars at the dermatologist seeking a cure for her redness. Although her complexion still had some ruddiness, it was greatly improved. She expressed to me how pleased she was with the results of using your product. The statement she made that was the most touching was, "For the first time I know what it feels like to have good skin." Just wanted to pass that praise on to you. She has very difficult life circumstances with unrelenting stress which I believe contribute to her level of inflammation. She will be back next week for a facial."

Linda Arndt - Hendersonville, NC

I love the anti-inflammatory products. I have used them for about 4 months for my Rosacea and it is actually working. This is the first product I have ever used that actually works on my skin. I am 46 and have very oily acne. I actually got a facial at Petite Retreat in Hendersonville, NC where she helped me with my skin and recommended you product. It has been great! Thank you!

Kamara Carpenter - Durham, NC

"I love receiving your product information. I read all the info and how they are reaching more and more people. I truly enjoy your classes and have told numerous estheticians, acupuncturists, and bodywork therapists about your amazing skills and talents. I know many that have listened and have taken your courses. So thank you for all you do and for being a "knowledge seeker" so they , "we", may benefit from your efforts. I know you will be seeing me many times in the future."

Kathleen Witt - Oakland, CA

"My skin felt better using De La Terre Skincare. I spoke with my friend Jane, who has been using the Rescue Wounded Skin formula for nearly a year, and has had VERY positive results. She also has two friends who have been using the products with positive results; one friend looks ten years younger, and her brown spots from cancer therapy have disappeared. I'm ready to try your products!"

Debra Coston - Hendersonville, NC

"I have been using your products for inflamed skin, and my rosacea has improved dramatically! I enjoyed meeting Anne Willis, hearing her speak, and having a skin consultation at Body Synergy in Flat Rock, NC. Amber Phillips has gotten me started on the De La Terre Skincare system, and I love it!!"

Janine Van Camp - Asheville, NC

"Anne, I have been meaning to send you a quick note to let you know how much I have been enjoying your products. The misting mechanisms on the toners are fabulous. It delivers a wonderful fine spray and is the best I have ever encountered on any product I have ever used. Your oils are extremely wonderful and I am noticing a progression to better skin tone and texture. The clays are also superb and I love the results.
Thank you again!"


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