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We invite you to the Newest Talk in our series of Educational Presentations on Holistic Health & Wellness.
The topic: A Hoilstic Approach to Autoimmune Support
During this talk Ms. Willis invites you to understand both psychological, physical, and chemical defenses, and the role they play in inhibiting pathogens and bacteria from disrupting one’s health. This presentation will allow you to gain a better understanding of the key principles of proper care that will aid in resetting the immune system, thus reducing autoimmune skin imbalances.

I am proud to announce the launch of an amazing book titled,
"Surviving Beautifully". Early on, and throughout the project I offered my expertise to the two amazing woman who wrote and created this great resource for woman who are going through cancer, Victoria Tillotson & Lana Koifman. I am proud to have been chosen as a contributor and expert in the area of Oncology Skin Therapeutics. To learn more about their collaboration and to order the book go to:

Anne C. Willis, LE, CME, CEO is the founder of De La Terre Skincare® and one of the industry’s most outstanding innovators in the world of clinical holistic skin care.

Have you ever tried a new skin care product or had a skin treatment and walked away feeling as though your skin looked and felt healthier? Or maybe the complete opposite was true, where your skin experienced breakout or redness?

We invite you to the Newest Talk in our series of Educational Presentations on Holistic Health & Wellness. The topic: Facts About Therapeutic Effects VS Side Effects.

Medical treatments for breast cancer have
dramatically improved over the last decade.
While these treatments have significantly increased
survival rates, they are not without
lasting, adverse effects. Cancer patients undergo many
changes to their body and skin while receiving medicaloncology
treatments. Side effects from chemotherapy,
radiation, and surgery put great demand on the body.
This demand reduces nutrient resources, lymphatic flow,
range of motion, and increases the healthy cell’s exposure

De La Terre Skincare was featured in the September 2015 issue of Dermascope Magazine! We are proud of our new affiliation with Cornucopia Cancer Support Center. If you would like to donate to this wonder holistic center you may do so by purchasing products through this link.


Researches have found that our internal body clocks known as our circadian rhythm is in part coordinated by changes in daylight and temperature.
During this Educational Talk, Ms. Willis will be discussing why in certain times of the year we are more prone to colds, digestive disturbances, mental imbalances, allergies, and skin breakouts and rashes.
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Monday, May 12, 2014 by: Derek Henry

The sun is a major healing force and is responsible for sustaining life on this planet. However, in recent years it is more recognized for its damaging effects than how it can positively affect someone's health. This is due to an improper relationship with the sun, however, with some slight adjustments that healing power can be recaptured.

Acclimation and exposure

There is a tendency to overdo it when exposing the body to the suns rays, and the result is often a skin damaging sunburn.

Dear Anne and Wonderful De La Terre Skincare Staff,

Many clients have inquired about the citrus extract that is used in our HERB RICH MIST formula. It is a food grade preservative derived from Certified Organic citrus fruit, but never grapefruit. The part of the citrus used, is the membrane or the cuticle of the fruit called the albedo, which is the white portion of the peel, between the rind and the fruit. Albedo is rich in pectin, which helps protect the skin, and flavonoids that reduce oxidative stress.

We are proud to announce that the winner of season 4, America's Next Top Model, has just
endorsed De La Terre Skincare.


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