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Researches have found that our internal body clocks known as our circadian rhythm is in part coordinated by changes in daylight and temperature.
During this Educational Talk, Ms. Willis will be discussing why in certain times of the year we are more prone to colds, digestive disturbances, mental imbalances, allergies, and skin breakouts and rashes.
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Monday, May 12, 2014 by: Derek Henry

The sun is a major healing force and is responsible for sustaining life on this planet. However, in recent years it is more recognized for its damaging effects than how it can positively affect someone's health. This is due to an improper relationship with the sun, however, with some slight adjustments that healing power can be recaptured.

Acclimation and exposure

There is a tendency to overdo it when exposing the body to the suns rays, and the result is often a skin damaging sunburn.

Dear Anne and Wonderful De La Terre Skincare Staff,

Many clients have inquired about the citrus extract that is used in our HERB RICH MIST formula. It is a food grade preservative derived from Certified Organic citrus fruit, but never grapefruit. The part of the citrus used, is the membrane or the cuticle of the fruit called the albedo, which is the white portion of the peel, between the rind and the fruit. Albedo is rich in pectin, which helps protect the skin, and flavonoids that reduce oxidative stress.

We are proud to announce that the winner of season 4, America's Next Top Model, has just
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Case Study: a “solution” for a case study dealing with Keratosis pilaris.

We are proud to announce that all of Anne C. Willis Enterprises, LLC courses have been certified by the NCCAOM®) National Certified Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

by Anne C. Willis, L.E., CEO

Orginially published in Dermascope September 2012

As we all strive for health and longevity, there is a growing interest toward the use of botanical-based skin care products. Plants historically hold the wisdom of the earth and can unite a generation who suffers from nature deficit disorder, to be a little closer to that which is unaffected by commercialism.