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Update - Product Ingredients - Citrus Preservative

Many clients have inquired about the citrus extract that is used in our HERB RICH MIST formula. It is a food grade preservative derived from Certified Organic citrus fruit, but never grapefruit. The part of the citrus used, is the membrane or the cuticle of the fruit called the albedo, which is the white portion of the peel, between the rind and the fruit. Albedo is rich in pectin, which helps protect the skin, and flavonoids that reduce oxidative stress.
There are many facets to a citrus fruit plant and it can get confusing as to what constituents come from what part. Citrus "essential oils" are known to irritate the skin if applied directly without a carrier oil, and the skin's reaction to the oil can be intensified if you are in the sun. This is not a concern with "our" citrus extract.
Hope this helps clarify!

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