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The Transition Zone of Menopause

There is an upside to going through menopause and that is, making it to midlife. This is a phase that includes wisdom, transition, and metamorphosis. However, these changes can bring about some pretty extraordinary responses from the body.

We invite you to the Newest Talk in our series of Educational Presentations on De La Terre Skincare Holistic Health & Wellness. The topic: The Transition Zone of Menopause

During this talk Ms. Willis invites you to consider. “When caring for the skin while in the transition zone of menopause it is essential to understand symptoms, causes, and the best course of therapy for the skin. A holistic approach includes not only looking at the effects menopause has on skin physiology, but at lifestyle, emotions, as well as other organ systems influences on hormones. In essence ……the whole person.


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