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Therapeutic Effects vs Side Effects

Anne C. Willis, LE, CME, CEO is the founder of De La Terre Skincare® and one of the industry’s most outstanding innovators in the world of clinical holistic skin care.

Have you ever tried a new skin care product or had a skin treatment and walked away feeling as though your skin looked and felt healthier? Or maybe the complete opposite was true, where your skin experienced breakout or redness?

We invite you to the Newest Talk in our series of Educational Presentations on Holistic Health & Wellness. The topic: Facts About Therapeutic Effects VS Side Effects.

During this talk Ms. Willis invites you to consider. “Should skincare products cause a side effect?” Skin will always respond as it adjusts to becoming healthy again. The therapeutics effects of Holistic Skin Care Products are a natural response to healing and recovery and should not be considered adverse or negative. It is far better to allow the body to go through a natural healing phase than to introduce it to elements that makes it react and become reliant.

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