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A Beautiful Testimonial

Dear Anne and Wonderful De La Terre Skincare Staff,

I wanted to share an experience I had recently, in which De La Terre Skincare products had a profound effect on yet another person. Unlike most of the people that De Le Terre helps, this person was not indulging in products to promote health and wellness, but instead to provide comfort in the last days of life.
On Christmas Eve my Aunt was diagnosed with an untreatable heart infection located in her aorta. She was sent home from Oklahoma Medical Center for Hospice Care on Christmas day. Myself, and the rest of our family headed to Oklahoma the Friday after Christmas to say our goodbyes to a beloved relative. I intended to stay to help with her passing as a Death Doula and went prepared to care for her by creating a scared, loving space for her in hopes of a peaceful transition. I brought music, candles, crystals, feathers, anointing and massage oil, and of course De La Terre Skincare products. Not knowing exactly what her state of health would allow, I hoped that maybe she would be able to receive a pampering facial before passing. I knew that even if we could not do a treatment that the products would be of service in some way or another.

She was strong enough to receive a treatment and the products were a godsend. They really helped her to achieve relief. She had been in and out of the hospital for 6 months prior to this time, and she had not been receiving care that would keep her skin healthy and comfort. Her skin was so dry, it was just flaking off, and her lips were dry and cracked in spite of the other lip ointments she had used. I began using the Vital Repair Balm on her lips and she absolutely loved it. After that she would not let anyone else put anything else on her and would say, “ No, let Kara do it. She has the beautiful stuff”. The Vital Repair Balm was also helpful for her small bedsores, which after one application was hard to find when I went to reapply. I was also able to gently apply CIS mist and serum. It was amazing to see the transformation that occurred even in these, the last days of a person’s life. The skin responded and began to be supple, and the dryness was alleviated. I also, with the help of the Hospice Care CAN, was able to sponge bathe her with Comforts Inflamed tea. At first she was agitated, but the smell of the tea calmed her and she became so relaxed she actually fell asleep during the sponge bath. I also used the tea to cleanse he shortly after she passed. She smelled amazing the whole five days prior to her passing. Her husband of 43 years commented each time he embraced and kissed her, on how wonderful she smelled.

I want to thank you all for your powerful products, your passion for a holistic way of life, and your commitment to excellence and awesomeness!!! Couldn’t have done it without the invaluable education I have received while studying with Anne over the years, and the beautiful products provided by your exceptional company.

Many blessings and many, many thanks,
Kara Demetry, Trinity Massage and Skincare

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