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Founder & Formulator

Anne C. Willis LE, CME, CEO

Anne C. Willis - founder & formulator

A woman who takes her lead from Nature!

“After four decades of practicing clinical skincare, I have gained a unique perspective on skin health. During a five-year period, I traveled to Germany, Thailand, India, and Ireland in search for the truth about safe and effective skincare products and why they are needed now more than ever.

I studied clinical aromatherapy in Ireland, Gemstone Therapy in Germany, Nature Cure and Chinese Five Elements in India, and traditional plant compounding in Thailand.

Between my many years as a skincare clinician and my studies abroad, I have acquired a keen insight for formulating skin care preparations that provide immediate repair and renewal, while safe and pure.

The most challenging aspect as a formulator in green technology is sourcing raw material that is not tampered with by synthetics and are deemed nutritional grade, not cosmetic grade. I am very proud of the partnerships I have developed with suppliers here in the US and abroad who share the same respect for delivering quality and purity."

Ms. Willis is passionately determined when searching for excellence. Each product goes well beyond simple quality and purity and that is reflected in the performance of each product.

Drawing upon Anne’s years of clinical experience and research, De La Terre Skincare is the ultimate in holistic skin care.


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