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Founder & Formulator

Anne C. Willis LE, CME, CEO

Anne C. Willis - founder & formulator - A woman who takes her lead from Nature!

I have been a clinical skin therapist for 45 years. The desire to start a natural skincare company began with my own need to become well and to do so using natural solutions and therapies.

In 2003 I began to travel the globe to better understand wellness and nature’s role in being well. From that experience I learned the transformative power of plants and since, have never looked back.

De La Terre Skincare was launched in 2008 and has been embraced by all those seeking the healing benefits of nature for their skin.

Ms. Willis is passionately determined when searching for excellence. Each product goes well beyond simple quality and purity and that is reflected in the performance of each product.  Drawing upon Anne’s years of clinical experience and research, De La Terre Skincare is the ultimate in holistic skin care.


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