Founder & CEO

Anne C. WillisAnne C. Willis is the founder of De La Terre Skincare®, a worldwide leader in holistic and functional skin therapies. Ms. Willis contributed to The Esthetician’s Guide to Working with Physicians and is published in multiple international publications. One of the industry’s most outstanding innovators in the world of functional skincare, Ms. Willis lectures nationally regarding holistic skin care, collaborative care for medical institutions, and skin reactions incurred by patients receiving combined chemotherapy. She is the director of Oncology Skin Therapeutics™ and is an accredited skin care instructor, bringing over 30 years of experience and knowledge to a new generation of skin therapists.

“After three decades of practicing clinical skincare, I have gained a unique perspective of skin health and how our lifestyles have altered its resistance. I traveled to Germany, Thailand and India, but unlike Elizabeth Gilbert whose journey was to “Eat – Pray – Love”, I was in search for the truth about safe and effective skincare products. My travels spanned over a five-year period and through this experience, I have acquired a keen insight for formulating skin care preparations that provide immediate recovery for deficient, neglected and traumatized skin. Part of changing the viewpoint of skincare was to formulate products to include pure plant material and nutritional grade ingredients that not only addressed current skin care challenges, but also would not be harmful to the skin or one's overall health.

The world is becoming more complicated and the modern health care system continues to fall short. After three decades as a skin therapist I have seen many changes to the industry, but none as profound as we are currently going through. Skin conditions that were once defined as rare are now the “New Normal”. So, the need to care for our skin with ingredients that are of nutritional purity is essential for our overall health and longevity.”

Ms. Willis is passionately determined when searching for excellence. Each product goes well beyond simple quality and purity. De La Terre Skincare® was developed out of a desire to improve and transform the viewpoint of skin care to make it more relevant to the needs of our generation. Drawing upon Anne’s years of clinical experience and research which are reflected in De La Terre Skincare®, she invites you to transform your own view of skin therapies. During Anne’s extensive career she has:

  •  Owned and operated a clinical skin care practice
  •  Worked with over 20 physicians in providing preemptive and post-operative skin therapies
  •  Traveled the world seeking a holistic approach to skin care
  •  Taught estheticians throughout the United States and abroad

Anne Willis currently lives in Asheville, NC and travels as an Aesthetic Instructor, where she shares her knowledge and mentors the new generation of aesthetic professionals.